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14oz Hessian Cloth 1.83 Meter W, 50 Meter L, 245gsm

14oz Hessian Cloth 1.83 Meter W, 50 Meter L, 245gsm

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Buy our Hessian Cloth: a versatile and eco-friendly solution! With a capacity of 14oz, 1.83m width, and 50m length per roll with centre ribbon. Hessian Jute Fabric is a 100% natural biodegradable, ecofriendly material.

Hessian cloth, also known as burlap, is a versatile and durable fabric made from jute fibers. It has a wide range of applications due to its strength and coarse texture. Here are some common uses for 14oz hessian cloth:

Agriculture and Gardening:

Erosion Control: Hessian cloth can be used to control soil erosion on slopes. It helps in stabilizing the soil and preventing the loss of topsoil. 

Plant Protection: It can be used as a protective covering for plants during extreme weather conditions or as a shade cloth.


Packaging and Wrapping:

Sacks and Bags: Hessian cloth is commonly used for making sacks and bags for packaging agricultural products such as grains, potatoes, and coffee beans.   

Wrapping Material: It can be used to wrap items for shipping or storage, providing a breathable and protective covering.


Landscaping Fabric: Hessian cloth can be used as a weed barrier in landscaping projects. It allows water and nutrients to pass through while suppressing weed growth. Hessian cloth is the only organic weed control material in the world. 

Crafts and Decor:

DIY Projects: Hessian cloth is popular in various craft projects, including making rustic decorations, table runners, and wall hangings.

Event Decor: It can be used for rustic or vintage-themed events as tablecloths, banners, or decorative elements.



Concrete Curing: Hessian cloth can be used to cover freshly poured concrete to slow down the curing process. This helps prevent the concrete from drying out too quickly, ensuring proper hydration and strength development.

Flood Control:

Sandbags: Hessian bags filled with sand are often used in flood control efforts to build barriers and prevent water from infiltrating specific areas.

Upholstery and Home Decor:

Upholstery: Hessian cloth can be used as a foundation material for upholstery projects, providing support and structure.

Crafting Decorative Items: It can be used in making decorative items such as cushions, wall hangings, or lampshades.

Scarecrow Making:

Gardens and Farms: Hessian cloth is commonly used to make scarecrows for gardens and farms.

Art and Painting: 

Canvas: Artists sometimes use hessian cloth as a textured canvas for paintings, giving a unique and rustic appearance to the artwork.

Industrial Applications:

Sanding and Polishing: In industrial settings, hessian cloth is sometimes used for sanding and polishing applications.

Remember that the specific uses of 14oz hessian cloth can vary based on the exact requirements and conditions of the intended application.

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