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18oz Hessian Cloth 1.83 Meter W, 50 Meter L, 305gsm

18oz Hessian Cloth 1.83 Meter W, 50 Meter L, 305gsm

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An 18oz hessian fabric, being a heavier and more robust material than its lighter counterparts, has additional strength and durability. Here are several potential uses for 18oz hessian fabric:

Heavy-Duty Sacks and Bags:

The increased weight and strength of 18oz hessian make it suitable for creating heavy-duty sacks and bags for transporting and storing bulk goods, particularly dense or coarse materials.

Construction and Erosion Control:

18oz hessian fabric can be employed in construction for tasks like wrapping concrete curing structures, providing a robust covering to slow down the curing process. It can also be used for erosion control in areas with significant soil movement, offering enhanced resistance against environmental factors.

Landscaping and Weed Control: Home 

Similar to lighter hessian, the heavier version can be utilized as a durable weed barrier in landscaping projects, especially in areas where a more substantial material is required. Hessian cloth is the only organic weed control material in the world.

Flood Barrier Construction: 

In flood-prone areas, 18oz hessian fabric can be fashioned into heavy-duty sandbags for constructing more robust flood barriers compared to lighter options.

Upholstery and Furniture Reinforcement: 

For heavy-duty upholstery projects or furniture that requires added durability, 18oz hessian fabric can serve as a strong foundation material, providing support and structure. 

Heavy-Duty Craft and Decor Projects: 

Crafters may use 18oz hessian for projects that demand a sturdier fabric, such as creating heavy decorative items, furniture covers, or floor mats.

Outdoor and Marine Applications: 

Due to its increased durability, 18oz hessian may be suitable for certain outdoor and marine applications where resistance to harsh weather conditions is essential.

Industrial and Manufacturing Uses:

In industrial settings, 18oz hessian fabric can be utilized for heavy-duty applications such as sanding and polishing, protection of machinery, or as a covering for industrial equipment during transportation.

Durable Plant Protection: 

In agriculture, particularly for protecting plants from harsh weather or wildlife, 18oz hessian can be used as a heavy-duty cover, offering enhanced protection compared to lighter materials.

Outdoor Events and Temporary Structures:

For events or situations where a temporary and robust covering is needed, such as temporary shelters, outdoor exhibitions, or construction site protection, 18oz hessian fabric can be employed.

Remember to consider the specific requirements of your project and the environmental conditions when choosing the weight and type of hessian fabric to ensure optimal performance.

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