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Hessian Cloth 3.58m W x 25m L 18oz 305gsm Roll

Hessian Cloth 3.58m W x 25m L 18oz 305gsm Roll

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Buy our premium quality 10oz x 3.58m hessian cloth! With an 18oz (18 ounces per square yard) hessian fabric that is 3.58 meters long, you have a sturdy and heavy-duty material. Here are several potential uses for 18oz, 3.58m hessian fabric:

Industrial Applications: 

The heavyweight of the fabric makes it suitable for industrial applications such as covering and protecting machinery, equipment, or materials during transportation or storage.

Cricket Pitch Cover:

Using 18oz, 3.58m hessian fabric for a cricket pitch cover can be a practical choice due to its durability and weight. A cricket pitch cover is essential for protecting the pitch from adverse weather conditions, ensuring it remains playable.

Flood Barriers:

Construct heavy-duty sandbags for flood control or use the fabric to create barriers in flood-prone areas.

Erosion Control and Construction:

Use the heavy fabric for erosion control on slopes or construction projects where a more substantial material is needed to stabilize soil or wrap concrete structures.

Upholstery for Furniture Requiring Extra Support:

Employ the heavy hessian fabric for upholstery projects, especially for furniture that requires additional support and durability.

Outdoor Furniture Covers:

Create durable covers for outdoor furniture to protect it from the elements. The heavyweight fabric will provide better resistance to wear and tear.

Landscaping and Weed Control:

Use the heavy fabric as a long-lasting weed barrier in landscaping projects, providing excellent resistance against weed growth. Hessian cloth is the only organic weed control material in the world.

Temporary Shelters or Covers:

Construct temporary shelters or covers for equipment or outdoor structures that require a strong and durable material.

Crafting Heavy-Duty Decor Items:

Make heavy-duty decorative items, such as floor mats, seat covers, or wall hangings, by incorporating the heavy hessian fabric.

Backdrop for Events or Photography:  

Utilize the heavy and textured fabric as a backdrop for events, weddings, or photography sessions, adding a natural and rustic element to the setting.

Heavy-Duty Bags and Sacks: 

Create robust and durable bags or sacks for transporting heavy or coarse materials. This could be especially useful in agriculture or construction.

Before starting any project, consider the specific requirements and conditions to ensure that the characteristics of the 18oz, 3.58-meter hessian fabric align with your needs. Whether it's strength, durability, or a rustic appearance you're after, this heavy-duty hessian can be a versatile material for various applications. 

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