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Biodegradable Hessian Tree Guard Sleeves (Green) - MOQ 100 pcs Carton

Biodegradable Hessian Tree Guard Sleeves (Green) - MOQ 100 pcs Carton

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Our Hessian Tree Guard Sleeves are biodegradable and compostable. Environmentally friendly protective plant covers for young trees to protect from various environmental threats and physical damage. These biodegradable tree guards are typically made from hessian or jute fabric, which is a sturdy and biodegradable material. 

The main purposes of using hessian tree guard sleeves are:

  1. Protection from animals: Hessian Tree Guards serve as a barrier against grazing animals like rabbits, deer, and rodents, which can cause significant damage to young trees by chewing on their bark or stems.
  2. Weather protection: Tree guards offer some insulation against extreme weather conditions, including frost, harsh winds, and excessive sunlight. This protection can be crucial for the survival and healthy growth of young trees. 
  3. Herbicide protection: In certain areas where herbicides are used to control weeds, tree guards can shield the tree from accidental exposure, preventing herbicide damage. 

When installing Hessian Tree Guard Sleeves, make sure they are properly secured to the tree and cover the lower part of the trunk. It's essential to check the guards periodically to ensure they are not becoming too tight around the tree as it grows.

Hessian sleeve tree guards are widely used by City Councils in Australia. 

Additional requirement: three bamboo stakes 65cm L x 12/14mm W

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